By Anna-Marie Ball, Jennifer Ball, Wayne Caldwell & Sarah Parkinson

Journal of Planning Practice and Research Volume 23 Issue 4


Abstract: Increased opportunities for western planners to work internationally, especially in the former ‘Third World,’ also pose risks. Planners can reduce these risks through a commitment to deliberative practice. Specifically, this paper offers seven questions planners may use to aid reflection on their practice. These are: Are you participating in a worthwhile project? What might be the limitations of your expertise within the context? Have you recognized local expertise? Have you considered the historical context of the country you are working in? Have you understood important aspects of local culture, politics, economies and societal concerns? Have you considered the dynamics of current and historic power relations between individuals, organizations and countries? Are you coordinating your work with other partners? Addressing these questions can help to maximize high-quality work, minimize embarrassing errors and ensure that the integrity of the planning profession is maintained.

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