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Finding a Way in International Development: Options for Ethical and Effective Work

 by Sarah Parkinson

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2013/300 pages/LC: 2012034293 A Kumarian Press Book

Description: Despite the labyrinthine bureaucracies, frustrating inefficiencies, and disorienting complexities of the “development business,” many individuals and groups find their way through and contribute to positive change. How do they do it? What ethical and practical dilemmas do they face, and what strategies do they find most effective for overcoming them? Sarah Parkinson draws on the experiences of more than 150 practitioners to provide insights on how the international development system functions—and seasoned, down-to-earth advice about how to successfully confront its challenges.

“A must read for those considering work in  development, or for those taking an introspective look at their careers…. I am sorry this book was not available when I  started out; it would have been the most dog-eared of my collection.”—Sheilagh Henry, GlobalScale

“A rare book…. It’s a great introduction to the world and issues of humanitarian aid.”—Nick Macdonald, Mercy Corps

“A balanced, yet frank, account of the realities of following a career in international development…. A must read for new and seasoned development practitioners alike.”—Naysan Adlparvar, University of Sussex

“Issues of ethics in development spring to life in this book…. The book will challenge people who work in development—and those who are working toward it—to reflect on their choices…. important reading for everyone who cares about making development efforts go better than they have.”—Jay Drydyk, Carleton University